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Inclement Weather/Class Cancellations:

Cancellations will be posted here 2 hours prior to class

Skating academy

Basic Skills Classes

Mondays 5-6pm

Winter Session  1/2/23- 4/17/23 

No Class 1/16,2/20,4/3

Fridays 5-6pm

Winter Session  1/6-4/21/23  

No Class 2/3 ,2/24, 4/7

Saturdays  2-3pm

Winter Session 1/7-4/1/23  

No Class 2/4 & 2/25

Aspire Program

Monday 4:45-6pm & Friday 5-6:00pm

Winter Session  1/2/23-4/21/23

No Class 1/16, 2/3, 2/20, 2/24. 4/3, & 4,7

Adult/Teen Classes

Mondays 5-6pm

Winter Session  1/2/23- 4/17/23 

No Class 1/16,2/20,4/3


Saturdays 2-3pm

Winter Session 1/7-4/1/23  

No Class 2/4 & 2/25

Ice Explorers(Tots Class)

Mondays 5:15-6:00pm

Saturdays 2:15-3:00pm

Tots Classes run every 4 weeks starting 1/2/23

No Class 1/16,2/4,2/20,2/25, &4/3 

Skating Month
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    The rink is cold inside, we recommend hat/helmet,gloves,& coat.   Skaters should wear clothes that they are able to move and stretch in comfortably.


    Helmets are required for skaters under the age of 6 & are highly recommended for all beginner skaters.

purple velvet dresses

   Basic Skills Classes     Ages 5-12

About our Basic Skills Class:

  • The Basic Skills class is for the beginner skater, with no skating experience, to skaters with some skating skills. They will work on basic skating techniques including skating stride, balance, turns ,stops spins, & hops.  

  • We will be using the  Learn to Skate USA skating curriculum. This class is for Skating Levels: Basic 1-4 ( The basic skills curriculum is listed below)

  • They will have 1 hour of Ice time that will be divided into a 30 mins class & 30 min supervised practice ice & choreography. They will preform group number in our end of the year show.

  • Basic Skills skaters will receive progression charts quarterly so they can track their progress. When they complete the season they will receive a Basic Skills badge for whichever level they past, a Certificate of Completion, & a goodie bag.  

Aspire Program Classes      Ages 6-17

About our Aspire Program

  • The Aspire Program is for skaters who are starting to work on edges, turns, 1 foot spins & beginning jumps through advanced spins & Axel jump. We will be using the Learn to Skate USA curriculum.

  •  The focus of these classes is to build a strong skating foundation so that a skater can easily transition to different disciplines & higher levels of skating within USFSA  & the opportunity to compete at our home competition in May.

  • The Aspire Program skating levels are: Learn to Skate USA Basic 4-Freeskate 6. (The level descriptions is listed below)

  • This Program will have 2 classes a week. Mondays they will have 45 mins of class & 30 mins of supervised practice time. Fridays there will be 45 mins of class & 15 mins of  practice & choreography. They will preform group numbers in the end of the year show.

  •  Aspire Skaters with receive a special Aspire Booklet that will have tips & tricks, and a space for them to track their skating journey. They will also receive a progression chart quarterly from their instructor that shows their progress. Once they complete the season they will receive a badge for the level they passed, a Certificate of Completion, & a good bag. 

Ice Explorers ( Tots Class)     Ages  3-5 

About the Ice Explorers Program

  • Our Ice Explorers  program is for beginner tots. We will use the Learn to Skate USA Snowplow Sam Curriculum. Skaters will start with 15 mins of off-ice practice, there they will learn how to fall, move forward & balance. The off-ice practice will cover everything that will be worked on the  ice that day before entering the ice. They will then have a 30 min on-ice lesson. There they will learn the basics on skating with fun games & themes.  Skaters will also receive a skating theme coloring page to bring home so they can continue their ice adventure!

  • Skaters will also receive a fun sticker chart for tracking their progression & at the end of each session they will get a Certificate of Completion.   At the end of the season they will get a Snowplow Sam badge & a goodie bag.

   Adult/Teen Classes      13 & up 

About our Adult/Teen Class   

  • This class is for any teen or adult who would like to learn how to skate, coming back to skating, or who wants to improve their skating skills.

  • These classes focus on beginner skating skills to Pre-USFSA Testing levels

  • Some of the things skaters will work on is skating strides, balance, turns, hops, basic spins, & stops. 

  • Classes are 30 mins long with 30 mins of practice ice.

Make sure to arrive 15-20 minutes early to allow enough time to check in and get skates before the start of class.

Check-in opens 30mins before the class start time

Registration Info

If registering 2 skaters use code  Sibling15



For More Information Contact the Class Director



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