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Inclement Weather/Class Cancellations:

Cancellations will be posted here 2 hours prior to class

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Classes: Mondays 5-6 pm, Fridays 4-5 pm

& Saturdays 2-3

Thank you for a great season see everyone in the fall!

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Skating Club of Saugerties


   Basic Skills Classes

These classes are for the beginner skaters to some skating experience. They will work on basic skating techniques, spins, & hops. The Skating level is Learn to Skate USA Basic 1-Basic 4.

   Aspire Program Classes

These classes are for skaters who are starting to work on 1 foot spins & beginning jumps through advanced spins & Axel jump. The focus of these classes is to build a strong skating foundation so that a skater can easily transition to different disciplines & higher levels of skating within USFSA . The Aspire Program levels are Learn to Skate USA Basic 5 - Freeskate 6.

   Adult/Teen Classes

For anyone 15 and up who would like to learn how to skate, coming back to skating, or who wants to improve their skills. Learn to Skate USA Beginner -Advanced. These classes focus on beginner skating to pre-jump/pre-spin levels.

Classes are 30 mins long with 30 mins of practice ice.

All Skating Levels are on the ice at the same time, skaters will be divided up according to level.

Make sure to arrive 15-20 minutes early to allow enough time to check in and get skates before the start of class



    The rink is cold inside, we recommend hat/helmet,gloves,& coat.   Skaters should wear clothes that they are able to move and stretch in comfortably.


    Helmets are required for skaters under the age of 6 & are highly recommended for all beginner skaters.