Member Acomplishments



The test structure is the backbone of U.S. Figure Skating. Passing skill tests presided over by official judges advances the skater to the next level. Skaters test in moves in the field, free skating, pairs and ice dancing. As a skater advances, the tests become more difficult. The highest achievement in each discipline is passing the senior, also called "gold," test. When a skater passes a gold test, he or she earns the designation "U.S. Figure Skating gold medalist." 


Becoming a U.S. Figure Skating gold medalist is the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication to the sport. In a typical year, approximately 40,000 U.S. Figure Skating test levels are completed by athletes; of those, about 1,300, or 3 percent, are at the gold or senior level. 


When an athlete passes the senior test, he or she receives a congratulatory letter from the president of U.S. Figure Skating, a gold certificate and a gold lapel pin to commemorate the accomplishment, and is eligible to purchase the gold test medal and the U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist jacket. It is also an accomplishment that goes on the skater's permanent U.S. Figure Skating record, and can be used on a resume or college application. 


Skating Club of Saugerties U.S Figure Skating Gold Medalists: 


Amy Montalbano   Senior Moves In The Field 11/19/2006 


Brooke Bode          Senior Moves In The Field 1/16/2015 


Elise Westlund       Senior Moves In The Field 6/5/2016


Maria Reynolds      Senior Moves In The Field 11/14/1997 

                                         Senior Freestyle 03/14/1998 

                                         Gold Dance Test 03/21/1999

                                         Senior Solo Free Dance 11/17/17


Nomi Kligler            Senior Moves In The Field 4/9/2017


Valerie Jahn           Gold Solo Dance 02/22/2018

Meghan Gleason   Senior Moves In The Field 6/2019

Sofia Pagliaro        Senior Moves In The Field

Test Results


Uncle Sam FSC

Saugerties , NY

April 22, 2018


Adriana Ramos - Pre Preliminary MIF

Alexis Colangelo- Pre Preliminary MIF

Allison Gregor -  Pre Preliminary MIF

Amy Montalban - Solo Westminster Waltz , Solo Quickstep

Ava Schmadel- Pre-Juvenile MIF

Caelin Piper -Solo Willow Waltz, Juvenile MIF

Gillian Lopez - Solo Canasta Tango

Melissa Towner- Juvenile  MIF 

Miranda Marino - Preliminary MIF, Pre-Preliminary FS

Sofia Pagliaro- Pre-Juvenile FS


Saratoga FSC

March 24, 2018


Addie Kotsol- Pre-Preliminary Moves

Aurora Freeman -Preliminary Moves

Gaia Franklin-Ross - Pre-Juvenile Moves

Melissa Towner -  Pre-Juvenile Moves

Sofia Pagliaro- Preliminary FS


Uncle Sam FSC

Feb 22, 2018


Allison Gregor - Adult Bronze MIF

Tyler Bodie - Juvenile MIF

Valerie Jahn - Westminster Waltz completing Gold Solo Dance


Saratoga FSC

Nov 19,2017


Caelin Piper - Pre Juvenile MIF

Maria Reynolds- Senior Solo Free Dance

Rebecca Nace - Intermediate MIF


Skating Club of Saugerties

Nov 4, 2017


Alyana VanNosdall - Pre Preliminary FS, Preliminary FS

Ava Schmadel - Preliminary MIF

Gillian Lopez - Pre Preliminary FS

Melissa Towner - Pre Preliminary MIF, Preliminary MIF

Sydney Keeler - Pre Preliminary MIF

Valerie Jahn - Quick Step, Argentine dances 


Uncle Sam Test Session 

Oct. 21, 2017


Alayna VanNosdall - Intermediate MIF

Caelin Piper - Solo Swing Dance, Solo Pre Bronze Dance

Meghan Gleason. Juvenile FS

Miranda Marino - Pre Preliminary MIF

Sofia Pagliaro- Junior MIF

Tyler Bodie - Pre Preliminary  FS



Uncle Sam 

August 18, 2017

Amy Montalbano - Viennese Waltz

Chantal Effing - Juveniles MIF

Gillian Lopez - Juvenile MIF

Meghan Gleason - Pre-Juvenile FS

Tyler Bodie - Pre-Juvenile MIF


Uncle Sam 

June 10 – 11, 2017

Amy Montalbano – Starlight Waltz, Blues, Completed Pre Gold Level 

Aurora Freeman – Pre Preliminary MIF

Caelin Piper – Fiesta Tango 

Meghan Gleason – Novice MIF

Valerie Jahn – Viennese Waltz


Skating Club of Saugerties

April 9, 2017

Ava Schmadel  - PrePreliminary MIF

Anna Myers – Preliminary MIF

Caelin Piper – Cha Cha 

Carmen Costello – Pre Preliminary FS

Emma Hallion – Pre Preliminary MIF

Jamie Kuehn – Pre Preliminary MIF

Meghan Gleason – Preliminary FS

Molly Weiss – Pre Preliminary MIF

Morgan Weiss – Preliminary MIF

Nomi Kligler – Senior MIF

Olivia Wogan  - Pre Juvenille  FS 

Valerie Jahn – Blues, Paso, Starlight 


Uncle Sam

February 25, 2017

Caelin Piper -Solo Rhythem Blues, Solo Preliminary Dance Test, Solo Canasta Tango


Uncle Sam Test Session

February 25, 2017


Caelin Piper - Preliminary Dance Test - Canasta Tango and Rhythm Blues


Falling Leaf Test Session

November 12, 2016


Carmen Costello - Pre Juvenile MIF

Rebecca Nace - Pre Juvenile MIF

Olivia Wogan - Juvenile MIF


Uncle Sam  

October 15, 2016


Alayan VanNosdall – Juvenile MIF

Amy Montalbano – Pasodoble Dance

Caelen Piper – Dutch Waltz Dance

Chantel Effing – Pre Juvenile MIF

Elise Westlund – Intermediate FS

Gaia Franklin Ross – Preliminary MIF

Gillian Lopez – PreJuvenile MIF   

Marie Ellsworth – Preliminary MIF                                                         

Meghan Gleason – Intermediate MIF

Nicole Moorhus – PreJuvenile MIF

Sofia Pagliaro – Intermediate MIF

STARS Testing

Stockholm, NJ

June 12, 2016


Alayna VanNosdall

Elise Westlund

Uncle Sam Test Session

June 5, 2016


Elise Westlund - Senior MIF

Skating Club of Saugerties

April 9, 2016


Chantel Effing - Preliminary MIF

Sophia Foster - Swing Dance, First Tango (completes Pre Bronze Dance Level)

Valerie Jahn - Kilian Dance 

Uncle Sam Test Session
April 16, 2016


Alayna VanNosdall - Pre Juvenile MIF

Meghan Gleason - Juvenile MIF

Rebecca Nace - Juvenile MIF

Sofia Pagliaro - Juvenile MIF



Dutchess FSC

March 16, 2016


Nomi Klinger - Junior MIF  


Meghan Gleason - PreJuvenile MIF and PrePreliminary FS



Uncle Sam Test Session
January 18, 2016


 Ana Alexander - PreJuvenile FS


Carmen Costello - Preliminary MIF

 Elise Westlund - Juvenile FS

 Felicia Ojarovsky - PreJuvenile MIF

 Gaia Franklin-Ross - PrePreliminary MIF

 Rebecca Nace - PreJuvenile MIF

 Sofia Pagliara - PreJuvenile MIF

 Sophia Foster - Intermediate MIF , Solo Rhythm Blues, Solo Cha Cha,

 Valerie Jahn - Solo American Waltz, Solo Rocker Foxtrot




Skating Club of Saugerties

December 7, 2015


Amy Montalbano – Kilian, Blues


Anna Myers – PrePreliminary MIF


Caelin Piper -Preliminary MIF


Felicia Ojarovsky – Preliminary MIF, PrePreliminary FS


McKayla Mudge – Preliminary MIF, PrePreliminary FS


Olivia Wogan -Preliminary FS


Rebecca Nace – Preliminary FS


Sophia Foster – Preliminary FS, Dutch Waltz , Canasta


Tyler Bodie – Preliminary MIF


Valerie Jahn – European Waltz


Yalena Garcia – PrePreliminary MIF




Uncle Sam FSC

November 23, 2015


Brooke Bode - Intermediate FS


Elise Westlund – Junior MIF, Pre-Juv FS


Marie Ellsworth – Pre-Preliminary MIF


Meghan Gleason – PreliminaryMIF


Morgan Weiss – Pre-Preliminary MIF




Dutchess FSC

November 17, 2015


Ana Alexander – Juvenile MIF


Carmen Costello – Pre-Preliminary MIF


Gillian Lopez – Preliminary MIF


Nicole Moorhus – Preliminary MIF


Olivia Wogan – Pre Juvenile MIF




Uncle Sam FSC

October 26, 2015


Sofia Pagliaro – Preliminary MIF




Albany FSC

October 12, 2015


 Ana Alexander – Preliminary FS, Pre Juvenile MIF




Uncle Sam FSC

August 22, 2015


Alyana VanNosdall – Preliminary MIF


Amy Montalbano – Solo American Tango, Solo Rocker Foxtrot,(Complete Solo Silver Dance Test Level)


Darren Nyland – Fiesta Tango, Pre Bronze Dance Test


Gillian Lopez – Pre-Preliminary MIF





June 13, 2015


Alyana VanNosdall


Elise Westlund


Meghan Gleason




Uncle Sam FSC

June 7, 2015


Amy Montalbano - Solo American Waltz


Caelin Piper- Pre- Preliminary MIF


Chantel Effing – Pre-Prelininary MIF


Darren Nyland – Swing Dance , Cha Cha 


Olivia Wogan – Preliminary MIF


Sofia Pagliaro – Pre- Preliminary MIF


Tyler Bodie – Pre- Preliminary MIF




Hudson Mohawk FSC

March 28, 2015


Alyana VanNosdall -PrePreliminary MIF


McKayla Mudge – PrePreliminary MIF


Meghan Gleason – PrePreliminary MIF


Nicole Moorhus – PrePreliminary MIF


Olivia Wogan – Prepreliminary MIF, PrePreliminary FS




Uncle Sam FSC

January 16 , 2015


Brooke Bode - Senior MIF


Darren Nyland – Canasta Tango, Preliminary Dance Test, Preliminary Freestyle


Rebecca Nace – Preliminary MIF , PrePreliminary FS

Competition Results

Wollman Open 

March 5, 2017

Chantal Effing - Pre Preliminary Test Track - 5th place


Eastern Adult Sectional Championships 

Wayne, NJ

March 10 – 12, 2017

Maria Reynolds – Championship Master's Junior/Senior - 4th place


Morris Open

Morris, NJ

March 31 – April 2, 2017

Aurora Freeman – Pre Free Skate Program- 2nd place

Caelin Piper -

Elise Westlund - Intermediate Ladies SP – 11 place , Intermediate Ladies FS - 13th place

Jamie Kuehn – Beginner - 2nd place

Tyler Bodie – Pre Preliminary TT - 3rd place


Dix Hills Open

April 8, 2017

Chantal Effing -  Pre Preliminary Test Track -  1st place


US Adult Championships

Wake Forest, NC 

April 19 – 22, 2017

Maria Reynolds – Master Junior/ Senior - 2nd Place, Championship Master Junior /Senior - 10th place


Uncle Sam Competition

June 10, 2017

Addie Kotsol – Pre Freeskate Elements - 1st place, Pre Freeskate 1st place

Alyana VanNosdall – No Test WB - 3rd place

Elise Westlund - Intermediate Ladies SP  - 1st place     Intermediate Ladies FS - 3rd place   

Meghan Gleason – Preliminary WB - 3rd place

Sophia Pagliaro – Showcase - 1st place, Showcase Duet - 2nd place


Champlain Valley Open 

Burlington , Vermont

July 7 – 9, 2017

Alyana VanNosdall – No Test - 5th place

Caelin Piper – Cha Cha Pre Bronze - 1st place,   Improv 5th place

Elise Westlund - Intermediate Ladies FS- 3rd place

Gillian Lopez – Pre Preliminary TT - 2nd place,  Showcase 2nd place , Improv - 3rd place

Meghan Gleason -Preliminary WB - 1st place

Tyler Bodie- Pre Preliminary TT - 3rd place


State Games of America

Grand Rapids, Michigan

August 3-6, 2017

Megan Gleason – Preliminary WB - 4th place

Tyler Bodie – Pre Preliminary TT - 7th place

Empire State Games

Lake Placid , NY

February 2-5, 2017


Alayna VanNosdall - No Test Girls FS - 5th place

Anna Myers - Pre-Preliminary TT - 4th place

Ava Schmadel - Beginner Girls FS - 1st place 

Brooke Bode – Intermediate Short Program IJS- 4th  Intermediate FS IJS-5th 

Caelin Piper - High Beginner Girls FS - 3rd place , Preliminary Solo Dance - 4th place  

Carmen Costello – Pre-Preliminary TT – 1st place

Chantal Effing - Pre-Preliminary TT - 4th place

Ed Montalbano -  Marathon Skate (26 miles) 3rd over all, Men over 50 class - 1st place

Gaia Franklin-Ross - Pre-Preliminary TT - 3rd place

Gillian Lopez - High Beginner Girls FS- 1st place

Jamie Kuehn - Beginner Girls FS - 6th place

Mad Cat Skills - Open Adult Synchro - 5th place   

Amber Crispell, Amanda Garner,  Amy Montalbano,  Ana Alexander, Elise Westlund, Maria     Reynolds,Meghan  Gleason, Melissa Towner,  Nomi Kligler

Maria Reynolds – Senior Long IJS - 8th place

Meghan Gleason -  Pre-Preliminary WB - 3rd place

Sofia Pagliaro - Pre-Preliminary WB - 5th place

Tyler Bodie - High Beginner Girls FS- 1st place

Valerie Jahn – Pre Silver Solo Dance - 1st place

Winter Escapade

West Orange, NJ

January 15, 2017


Gillian Lopez - High Beginner TT - 1st place, Showcase Light Entertainment 2nd place

Alayna VanNosdall - No test  4th place, Showcase Light Entertainment 1st place

Falling Leaf Open 

November 12, 2016


Addie Kotsol – Basic 6 Compulsory - 1st place, Basic 6 Program - 1st place

Alayna VanNosdall – No Test WB - 2nd place, Showcase Light Entertainment No Test - 1st place,  Showcase Duet No Test - 2nd Place 

Anna Myers – PrePreliminary TT  -  1st place

Aurora Freeman – Pre Freeskate Program - 1st place

Ava Schmadel – Beginner Compulsory - 2nd place, High Beginner FS – 2nd place 

Brooke Bode – Intermediate Spin Challenge - 1st place, Intermediate Jump Challenge - 1st place, Intermediate Short Program - 1st place, Intermediate WB - 1st place

Caelin Piper – High Beginner FS - 5th place, Showcase PrePreliminary - 2nd place

Chantel Effing – PrePreliminary TT - 4th place

Elise Westlund – Showcase Duet Intermediate - 1st place

Emma Hallion – Beginner Compulsory - 1st place, High Beginnner FS - 3rd place

Gaia Franklin-Ross – Prepreliminary TT - 2nd place

Gillian Lopez – PrePreliminary TT - 3rd place,  Showcase Light Entertainment PrePreliminary - 1st       place,  Showcase Dramatic PrePreliminary - 1st place,  Showcase Duet - 1st place

Jamie Kuehn- Beginner Compulsory - 1st place, Beginner FS - 1st place

Meghan Gleason – PrePreliminary WB 1st place, Showcase Duet Intermediate - 1st place

Molly Weiss – Beginner FS - 2nd place

Morgan Weiss – High Beginner FS - 1st place

Nomi Kligler – Intermediate TT - 2nd place

Rebecca Nace – PreJuvenile TT - 2nd place

Sofia Paliaro – No Test WB - 1st place, Showcase Duet No Test - 1st place

Tyler Bodie – High Beginnner FS - 4th place, High Beginner Compulsory- 2nd place

Collar City Open

Troy , NY

 June 4, 2016


Alayna VanNosdall - Beg/HighBeg/No Test Showcase - 3rd place

Chantel Effing – Beginner Compulsory Moves - 1st place, Beg/HighBeg/No Test Showcase - 4th Place

Elise Westlund – Juvenile Girls IJS -1st place, Intermediate Short Program- 4th place

Gillian Lopez – High Beginner - 3rd place, Beg/HighBeg/No Test Showcase - 2nd place

Marie Ellsworth – PrePreliminary TT - 2nd place

Sofia Pagliaro – No Test - 2nd place, Beg/HighBeg/No Test Showcase - 2nd place , Jump Challenge PrePreliminary - 5th place


 Champlain Valley Open

Burlington VT

July 8 -10, 2016

 Gillian Lopez - No Test/Pre-Preliminary Interpretive - 1st place, Pre-Preliminary Showcase - 6th place, High Beginner Girls TT- 1st place



Collar City Open 2016
June 4


Elise Westlund - Juvenile IJS - 1st Place, Intermediate Short Program - 4th Place

Middle Atlantic Championships

Chelsea Piers, NYC

September 8 – 11, 2016


Elise Westlund – Juvenile Girls IJS - 14th place

Sofia Pagliaro – No Test - 5th place


North Atlantic Regional Championships

Buffalo, NY

September 29-October 3, 2016


Brooke Bode – Intermediate IJS - 9th place

Elise Westlund – Juvenile Girls IJS - 14th place

Wollman Open
March 5, 2016

Chantel Effing - Beginner TT - 1st Place

Southern Connecticut Open
April 15 - 17, 2016

Alyana VanNosdall - Pre Preliminary TT - 4th Place

Meghan Gleason - Pre Preliminary TT - 2nd Place

Sophia Pagliaro - No Test - 3rd Place

Dix Open

May 7, 2016


Chantel Effing - Beginner TT - First Place


Basic Skills in the Catskill

Kiwanis Ice Arena

April 9


Alayna VanNosdall - No Test Intro Compulsory Event - 1st place, No Test Intro Program - 2nd place, Showcase Pre-Preliminary - 2nd place


Anna Myers - Pre-Preliminary Compulsory Moves - 3rd place, Pre-Preliminary Test Track Free Skate - 3rd place, Showcase Pre-Preliminary - 1st place


Ava Schmadel - Basic 8 Elements - 2nd place, Basic 8 Program - 2nd place


Caelin Piper - Beginner Intro Program, Group A - 1st place, High Beginner Intro Compulsory Event, Group C - 3rd place, Showcase High Beginner - 3rd place


Carmen Costello - High Beginner Intro Compulsory Event, Group A - 3rd place, High Beginner Intro Program, Group A - 2nd place


Chantal Effing - Beginner Intro Compulsory Event - 1st place, Beginner Intro Program, Group A 1st place


Emma Hallion - High Beginner Intro Compulsory Event, Group C - 2nd place


Felicia Ojarovsky - Preliminary Compulsory Moves - 2nd place, Preliminary Test Track Free Skate - 2nd place, Showcase Preliminary 1st place


Gaia Franklin-Ross - High Beginner Intro Compulsory Event, Group C - 1st place, High Beginner Intro Program, Group B - 1st place


Gillian Lopez - High Beginner Intro Compulsory Event, Group B - 1st place, High Beginner Intro Program, Group B 2nd place, Showcase High Beginner 1st place


Marie Ellsworth - High Beginner Intro Compulsory Event, Group A - 2nd place, High Beginner Intro Program, Group A - 4th place, Showcase Pre-Preliminary 4th place


Mckayla Mudge - Pre-Preliminary Compulsory Moves - 2nd place, Pre-Preliminary Test Track Free Skate - 2nd place, Showcase Pre-Preliminary 3rd place


Meghan Gleason - Pre-Preliminary Compulsory Moves - 1st place, Pre-Preliminary Test Track Free Skate - 1st place

Molly Weiss - Basic 7 Program- 1st place


Morgan Weiss - Beginner Intro Program, Group B - 2nd place


Nicole Moorhus - High Beginner Intro Compulsory Event, Group A - 1st place, High Beginner Intro Program, Group A - 1st place


Rebecca Nace - Preliminary Compulsory Moves - 1st place


Tyler Bodie - Beginner Intro Program, Group B - 1st place, High Beginner Intro Compulsory Event, Group B 2nd place, Showcase High Beginner 2nd place



Garren Invitational Competition

RPI Fieldhouse

March 19


Ana Alexander - Pre-Juvenile Test Track 3rd place


Anna Myers - Pre-Preliminary Compulsory Moves - 6th place


Caelin Piper - High Beginner Compulsory Moves - 6th place, Beginner/High Beginner Showcase - 3rd place, Beginner Free Skate 5th place


Carmen Costello - High Beginner Compulsory Moves - 2nd place, High Beginner Free Skate 2nd place


Emma Hallion - High Beginner Free Skate 7th place


Felicia Ojarovsky - Preliminary Test Track - 5th place


Marie Ellsworth - High Beginner Compulsory Moves - 4th place, High Beginner Free Skate 4th place


McKayla Mudge - Pre-Preliminary Compulsory Moves - 5th place


Tyler Bodie - High Beginner Compulsory Moves - 5th place, Beginner/High Beginner Showcase - 4th place, Beginner Free Skate - 6th place






Empire State Winter Games

Lake Placid, NY

Feb 5-7, 2016


Ana Alexander – PreJuv Girls TT - 7th place


Alyana VanNosdall – High Beginner Girls FS – 6th place


Anna Myers – PrePreliminary Girls TT - 7th place


Brooke Bode- Intermediate Ladies Short Program - 7th place, Intermediate Ladies IJS Freeskate 5th place


Caelin Piper – Beginner Girls FS - 5th place


Elise Westlund -Juvenile Girls IJS FS - 10th place


Mad CatSkills Synchro Team – Open Adult Synchronized Skating 3rd place


Marie Ellsworth – High Beginner Girls FS -  4th place


Meghan Gleason – High Beginner Girls FS - 1st place


Nomi Klinger – Intermediate Ladies TT – 8th place


Sofia Pagliara – No Test Girls FS - 5th place


Tyler Bodie – Beginner Girls FS - 1st place


Valerie Jahn – Silver Solo Dance - 9th place




North Atlantic Championships

Lake Placid, NY

October 9 -11 , 2015


Brooke Bode – Juvenile Girls - 8th place 




Boston Open

September 25 -27,2015


Elise Westlund – Preliminary FS -1st place


Brooke Bode – Juvenile Girls - 7th place, Intermediate 3rd place




 90th Mid Atlantic Championships

Chelsea Piers, NYC

September 11 – 13, 2015


Brooke Bode – Juvenile IJS 4th place


Elise Westlund – Preliminary FS -3rd place




2015 State Games of America

July - Lincoln, Nebraska


Darren Nyland – Preliminary Boys FS - 1st place, Showcase Dramatic PreJuvenile - 1st place, Compulsury PreJuvenile- 2nd place




Collar City Open and Basic Skills

June 6, 2015



Brooke Bode - Juvenile Girls 7th Place, Jump Challenge Juvenile 1st Place, Artistic Duet Juvenile 1st place.


Elise Westlund – Preliminary FS 1st place , Artistic PreJuvenile/Juvenile 1st place, Jump Challenge,  PreJuvenile 1st place, Showcase Duet PrePreliminary 1st place.




Southern Conneticut Open

April 24-26, 2015


Brooke Bode – Juvenile Girls -6th place


Elise Westlund – Preliminary FS 4th Place




Adult National Figure Skating Championships

Salt Lake City, Utah

April 14 –18, 2015


Maria Reynolds – Master Jr./Sr. 2nd place , Gold Solo Dance 2nd place, Championship Jr./Sr. Masters 6th place, S.T.A.R.S Testing





Garren Invitational Competition

March 28, 2015


Alyana VanNosdall- Beginner Compulsury-4th place, Beginner FS- 5th place


Anna Myers – Basic 7 Elements -1st place, Basic 7 Music - 1st place


Caelin Piper – Basic 6 Elements -2nd place, Basic 6 Music- 4th place


Carmen Costello – Basic 6 Elements - 1st place, Basic 6 Music - 1st place


Felicia Ojarovsky – PrePreliminary TT - 2nd place


Gillian Lopez -Basic 8 Elements -2nd place, Basic 8 Music-1st place


Marie Ellsworth – Basic 6 Elements -2nd place, Basic 6 Music- 2nd place


McKayla Mudge – Prepreliminary Compulsury- 4th place, Prepreliminary TT- 6th place


Meghan Gleason -Basic 8 Elements -1st place, Basic 8 Music 1st place


Molly Weiss -Basic 6 Music -3rd place


Morgan Weiss- Basic 8 Music - 2nd place


Nicole Moorhus -High Beginner Compulsury -2nd place, High Beginner FS- 2nd place


Rebecca Nace -Prepreliminary Compulsury-2nd place, Prepreliminary Spins-1st place, PreliminaryTT-2nd place


Sofia Pagliaro- Basic 6 Elements- 1st place, Basic 6 -1st place


Tyler Bodie-Basic 6 Elements- 4th place, Basic 6 Music-3rd place




Morris Open

March 27- 29 , 2015


Brooke Bode - Juvenile Girls –10th place


Elise Westlund – Preliminary FS - 4th place




Eastern Adult Sectional Figure Skating Championships

Pittsburgh , PA.

March 12-14, 2015


Maria Reynolds – Championship Masters Jr./Sr. 2nd place, Gold Solo Dance 1st place