The mission of The Skating Club of Saugerties is to provide skaters with programs and training, both private and in classes, to assist them in pursuit of their figure skating goals.  The club is dedicated to the values of good sportsmanship and ethical practices and will incorporate these values in our daily routines and training programs.  The club is committed to promoting the sport of figure skating by providing a professional and safe learning environment, in which skaters are encouraged and given every possible opportunity to reach their personal best in the sport.





E: scofsaug@gmail.com

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Amber has been coaching for over 10 years. She loves working with beginner kids and adults. She is a member of US Figure Skating and Professional Skaters Association. Amber is the Skating Class Director for the Skating Club of Saugerties. Her other passion is make custom figure skating classes. Contact her at (845) 389-1848 or amberlynnskates@gmail.com

Amber Crispell


Amy has been coaching for 15 years with skaters of all ages and abilities. She is a US Figure Skating double gold medalist (Senior Moves and Adult Gold Freestyle) and has passed the Silver Dance tests. Amy won a gold medal at the 2011 National Showcase Skating Competition in Cleveland. Contact Amy at 845-750-3104 or westsaug@yahoo.com. 

Amy Montalbano 


Maria has been coaching for over fifteen years. She enjoys coaching children and adults of all skill levels. She is a US Figure Skating quadruple gold medalist (Moves in the Field, Freestyle, Dance, and Solo Free Dance, also 6th Figure). Maria continues to compete as an adult and has competed in 12 US Adult Figure Skating Championships recently winning a gold medal in her level at the 2019 championships. Contact Maria at 773-339-4224 or mariafreynolds@gmail.com

Maria Reynolds

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Joanne was a competitive figure skater starting at age 7 and continued competing well into her late teens. She passed up to ISI Gold Freestyle. She has over thirty years of skating experience, and has been coaching for the last 8 years. Contact Joanne at 845-246-9419 or jvskates@yahoo.com

Joanne Vallarella

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Sergei is a 3-time Olympian for Israel and World Bronze Medalist in Ice Dance​.  He was also the 10-time Israel National Ice Dance Champion, as well as the Junior World Ice Dance Champion for Russia with numerous other accolades. His work following his competitive career included performing on two seasons of the popular Russian TV show “Skating with the Stars – Ice Age”.  Sergei specializes in ice dance, solo dance, and choreography, and coaches beginners through National level skaters.   He also co-founded the New York Ice Scrapers National Theatre on Ice team, and is a member of United States Figure Skating, Professional Skaters Association, and Ice Skating Institute. Contact  Sergei at 860-888-7448 or sergei.sakhnovskiy@yahoo.com

Sergei Sakhnovskiy

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Laurie has over twenty-five years of skating experience, was the Junior National Pairs Gold Medalist, and competed Nationally and Internationally in pairs. She is also a double Gold Medalist in United States Figure Skating Moves in the Field and Freestyle.  Laurie specializes in jumps and spins, and coaches beginner skaters through National level competitors . She is the co-founder and team manager of New York's first National Theatre on Ice team, the New York Ice Scrapers.  Laurie has nearly fifteen years of coaching experience, and is a member of United States Figure Skating, Professional Skaters Association, and the Ice Skating Institute. Contact Laurie at 718-433-8925 or laurie.krein@gmail.com

Laurie Sakhnovskiy