Skating Club of Saugerties

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Join the Skating Club of Saugerties for a fun night of skating and painting at the Kiwanis ice arena. This event will be fun for all ages from children to adults. Skate rentals are included if you choose to skate. The painting session will be lead by Wendi Piper, a local artist with a Masters degree in Art Education.

The focus of the session will not only be on creating an awesome painting, but also to learn the techniques so that you can go away on your own and create another. Techniques taught will include dry brushing and stippling and you will learn how to create a sense of space. It will be geared for all levels of ability. So whether you've never painted before, or you're an accomplished artist, you will still have a great time and create a unique piece of art. Skate rentals and all art supplies will be provided and light snacks and drinks will be served.

Register soon to reserve your spot.

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The cost for the skate and paint is $30 per person.

The cost for just painting (from 6:15 to 8:00) is $25.
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for skate and paint ($30 each)

for just painting ($25 each)

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