Skating Club of Saugerties

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2019 Show Registration Form

Orders due Feb 20

Just Solo Entry Fee $25.00
Bundle Package $50.00, includes Solo Entry, Star, & T-Shirt
Duet or Group Entry fee - $10.00 per skater

Skater's Name*:
Name of Music*:
Length of Music*:
I am doing a solo in the show
Number of groups acts skater is in:

If ordering a bundle, please specify shirt size:
Style:   Size:


Good Luck STAR
If ordering a bundle, please specify star text.
Leave blank if not purchasing a star.
Star Text (there is a 30 character limit):

All music must be sent to Jodie Bodie, if you think she already has your music please check with her to make sure she has the correct music.

Locker Rooms that are not being used by the club are off limits. Skaters may use the Back Room/ Exercise Room as a warm-up area only if they are accompanied by a coach.

Once The Show Starts we ask that all skaters remain between their Locker Room and the Ice area so we can find you when it is your time to skate, we don't want anyone to miss their skate time. If you need to leave before the end of the show please check out with the Locker Room Monitor so we know that you are done for the night and will not be skating in the finale. If the skate is under the age of 10 we ask that the parent checks out with the Locker Room Monitor.

U.S. Figure Skating Locker Rooms/Changing Areas Policy

Only athletes skating in this event are allowed in the Locker Rooms/Changing Areas. An exception may be allowed for an athlete age 11 years or younger to be accompanied by one parent of the same sex to assist their child immediately prior to and after their skating event(s).

All Locker Rooms/Changing Areas will be monitored. If any concerns arise, immediately contact the Locker Room/Changing Area monitor.

If there are concerns regarding this policy, an athlete should change prior to arriving at the competition.

The use of any recording and photographic devices inside a Locker Room/Changing Area is strictly prohibited.

Any violation of this policy will be addressed under the U.S. Figure Skating SafeSport Program and U.S. Figure Skating Ethics/Grievance procedures.

All other family and friends must stay in the lobby area. Only Coaches and Skaters, & Qualified Volunteers may go by the ice. Failure to comply with these rules may result in your skaters being asked to leave.

I have read and understand the show rules