Skating Club of Saugerties

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CLUB ICE FOR THE Extended 2018 Season

GREAT NEWS…. Our rink will be staying open until April 28th!

If you are interested in skating in April we are asking that you consider buying a Ten (10) Session Club Freestyle Punch Card. This will help guarantee that we can at-least recover the cost of the ice time. We will allow for drop-ins but if everyone chooses this option we are at greater risk of not covering the total cost of the ice. The Ten (10) Session Club Freestyle Punch Card.

The new schedule and Club Freestyle ice fees will run from April 9 to 28th as follows:

5:30pm to 7:00pm - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (Cost is $20 per session)

12:00 – 2:00 – Saturday April 14 and 21 ($15 for one hour or $25 for two hours)

9:00am – 11:00am – Saturday April 28 ($15 for one hour or $25 for two hours)

The Ten (10) Session Club Freestyle Punch Card will be $180 and can be used on any of the freestyle sessions including the two hour Saturday Sessions (save $20-$35 over the drop-in rate).

Purchase the Ten (10) Session Club Freestyle Punch Card Below!

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I understand that the series cannot be pro-rated and that there are no discounts for coming on to a session late or for missing any days in the series. I understand that my skater’s spot is not transferable to another skater. I understand that if a session is cancelled due to scheduling changes made by the Arena that results in a freestyle session being cancelled that I will receive a refund pro-rated at $18 per session. I have read the Skating Club of Saugerties Freestyle Rules with my skater and we understand that these rules must be followed.
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